Tim Lammers, our Movie Review Critic, who joins us each Friday on "It Matters with Kelly Cordes" at 10:15 am on WJON, had the opportunity to interview the one, the only, Robert De Niro on his current movie out in theaters,  "The War On Grandpa" this weekend; including here at out own Marcus Parkwood Cinemas in Waite Park.


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You can also find more about Tim Lammers by clicking HERE now.

De Niro stars in this new family comedy, and plays a grandfather named Ed. Ed, having moved in with his daughter's family, finds himself at odds with his grandson Peter, when his daughter moves him into her sons bedroom, moving her son to a different part of the house.

De Niro's character loses his love for life; and through his Grandson playing tricks on him so he can get his room back; finds a way to communicate that is adorably sweet.

Whenever I think of Robert De Niro, I think of a man who is very bold; someone you don't want to mess around with. When I found out that Robert gave Tim permission to call him Bob; I thought...what? This coming from De Niro? Apparently, Tim must have done something right in this interview to get that honor bestowed upon him.

Tim Lammers
Photo by Tim Lammers

You can catch Tim Lammers every Friday morning at 1015 on "It Matters with Kelly Cordes" with the latest reviews of what's new in theatres and what to watch at home.  You don't have to take his advice; but he gives it freely; and I'd have to say, most of the time, I'm in agreement with Tim.

Maybe it's Tim's Minnesotan perspective, but you'll enjoy his reviews, his perspective and personality as much as you enjoy Bobs.

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