Another Labor Day Weekend is upon us, yet many people have no idea what Labor Day is all about.  So, first, Google Labor Day and find out what it is, then forget it. Here are some handy and ill thought out tips for having a great Labor Day weekend.

Try and restrain yourself from serving grilled Impossible Burgers.  This is America, dammit, and we eat meat.

Politics and religion are always great ways to get conversations started

9 or 10 hot dogs will give your colon a great sense of purpose

Put a keg in a wagon and have your own Labor Day parade


If your party is too much of a sausage fest, put a garage sale sign out front. They  will come.

Easiest parties are BYOB, bring your own barbiturates

Watch a lot of college football. Try not to think about that these are teenagers slowly killing themselves for your entertainment

And, finally, if you plan on partying hard this weekend, remember that judges don't return to work until Tuesday.

Happy Labor Day!

(complete sheet)

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