Do you know what I don't like about winter? Everything. Except the lack of mosquitoes. That's pretty damn cool. Everything else? BLARG.

Even though we are exactly one month away from pitchers and catchers reporting for Spring Training, it's still 2+ months until Spring. The cold, the darkness, the driving when it's snowing out, the putting up with other drivers when it's snowing can wear on a Minnesotan who doesn't own a snowmobile.

Before you go "Heeeeere's JOHNNY!" on your family, try these tips to beat the winter blues.

  • Get Some Exercise: Not only will getting off the couch and working up a sweat help you lose weight, studies show that it can also help reverse mild depression.
  • Socialize: Being around friends tends to boost your morale, just as long as you stay away from the Debbie Downer of the group (maybe Debbie just needs to exercise?).
  • Keep a Routine: Winter weather tends to make us want to shack up on the couch and binge-watch Netflix. If this isn't your not-freezing-weather routine, then try to avoid it. Keep your usual schedule in order. And when you do shack up on the couch, instead of binge-watching Netflix, try Netflix and Chill to boost your mood!

So get off your ass and make the winter blues your bitch! Run up and down the stairs a few times! Find a f*ck buddy! Move some place warmer! Take me with you!

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H/T: Today