This mask thing.... it's turned into a huge controversy.  I'm not sure why... it doesn't seem to be political, although it has become that, for sure.  But in itself, it shouldn't be political anymore than asking someone not to smoke in public places, or by the doorway. Or when you are asked to wear a seatbelt while driving. Just seems like a health thing.


But we have seen some pretty controversial videos, opinions, and people just getting absolutely fired up about wearing a mask, or not wearing a mask.

People are so far on either side of this issue.  There are people who are so into wearing them that they will not even think about leaving their house for any reason without wearing a mask... in everything they do. Even driving a car, by themselves; they wear one.  If they are walking around outside... not around any people, they wear one. And of course, in a public building they wear one (which has been recommended).

Then there are the people on the opposite end.  The aren't going to wear one any way, anyhow. And if a business says that they require one to shop there, they aren't going to shop there (which is their right).

But...if someone has decided to wear one, even if it does seem to be a bit much, like in the car or outside by themselves, why does this offend some people?  I mean, in direct terms.. what's it to you?  Why do you care if someone is wearing one if you choose not to?  The video that almost everyone has seen outside of Shady's in Albany last week with everyone chanting at the reporters to take off their mask. Why?  I don't understand why it is offensive.

I figure, you do you!  But I guess not everyone feels the same.  But if you are offended by it... why?

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