On Sunday night I ran to Coborn's to grab a couple of things from the deli to make for dinner. I don't know what possessed me to do this, but I for some reason decided to wear my AirPods around the store while I was shopping.

At some point later in the week I realized I could not find my debit card or my identification. This is pretty normal for me, sadly, because I do not like to sit on a wallet all day and I find that my pockets are usually too full of other gadgets and child-related debris/wrappers to use a money-clip type of holder. But, I digress.

I dug around the house, checking the usual spots these items tend to hide like under the bed, in the laundry basket or in the couch cushions. In the meantime, thanks to technology, I was using my phone to pay for things so I wasn't too desperate. However, I was diligently checking my bank account online to make sure no one had been using my misplaced card.

After exhausting my search at home I decided to return to Coborn's for a Hail Mary shot at them having my stuff. If I am being honest, my hopes were pretty low. I approached the Customer Service desk and the woman who greeted my gave off the impression that they probably didn't have it but she kindly went into a back room to check for me all the same.

When she came back out with not only my ID, but also my debit card, I was shocked and sad to say a bit surprised. We read all about this scam and that theft and all of the bad things that happen in the world on social media but we (I) tend to forget that there are still a ton of people in the world and in our community who choose to do the right thing.

I'm guessing the cards fell out of my shorts when I took my phone out of my pocket at some point that day at the store and I didn't hear it because I was stupidly listening to music with noise-canceling headphones while picking out what kind of potato chips I was going to buy.

To whoever turned in the cards, whether customer or employee, thank you for taking the time to turn those things in. I appreciate your honesty and want you to know you made my day much better than it had started.

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