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  • A man in France, who apparently is a very large Beatles fan, is selling his collection of “15,000 records, signed books, posters, autographs, figurines and memorabilia” that he spent 50 years building. There is no posted value for this man's collection, but he hopes to be able to live comfortably for the rest of his life - so keep your eyes open for more memorabilia hitting the market soon.
  • Judas Priest has announced that they are releasing a deluxe re-issue of their 1986 album Turbo in honor of it’s 30th anniversary! This was Judas Priest’s 10th studio album, and the re-issue will be available February 3rd with new artwork.
  • You can expect a new expanded re-issued album from Paul McCartney soon! It’s the Flowers in the Dirt album from 1989, where Paul worked with Elvis Costello and went to #1 in the U.K. You’ll be able to get this on March 24th!
  • Pink Floyd has decided to follow along with the re-issuing trend – but this time only on vinyl. Pink Floyd is putting out A Momentary Lapse of Reason and The Final Cut on vinyl coming January 20th.

SOURCE: Ultimate Classic Rock