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  • Over Christmas Day, we got the news that singer George Michael died at the age of 53. We are still awaiting specifics on how he exactly died, but once we hear for sure we will keep you updated. We remember George for his countless hits like Careless Whisper, Faith, Fast Love, and so many more.
  • Also just yesterday, Bob Dylan's Twitter account, along with Sony's was hacked with the message that Britney Spears had died. Don't you worry, it was just a hoax. Britney is alive and well.
  • To lighten things up a bit, Alec Baldwin has offered to sing AC/DC's "Highway to Hell" at Donald Trumps inauguration next month. This is especially funny because Baldwin impersonates Trump on Saturday Night Live.
  • And if you are a huge Van Halen fan, we've got a way for you to lose all your money, because there is a racing horse with the name Van Halen! It would be a bad idea to bet against the horse, because Van Halen is off to a slow career start. Sporting News reporter Greg Polson notes he “hasn’t lived up to the promise he showed early in his career,”.

RIP George Michael, and Carrie Fischer!

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