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  • We now have news of a new Styx album! This will be the first time the band has released a studio album in 14 years. It's titled The Mission - and will be available on June 16th.
  • Everyone is aware of Ted Nugent‘s political opinions, always leaning on the conservative side. So it’s just icing on the cake that Uncle Ted joined President Trump for dinner at the White House! The meal included lobster and lamb chops – but did Ted carry a firearm onto the Presidential Grounds? We’ll never know. Also, don’t miss him when he comes to Medina Entertainment Center on August 5th.
  • I can barely contain my excitement about the new Roger Waters album coming out this summer. It’s the first time we’ve gotten original music from the founding member of Pink Floyd in 25 years. The new album is called Is This The Life We Really Want? and it comes out June 2nd. Roger also just released the entire track listing to help promote the LP.
  • Todd Rundgren is coming out with a new album titled White Knight, and we’ve officially gotten a sample! You can listen to the new song “This Is Not A Drill” featuring Joe Satriani right here! White Knight hits shelves on May 12th. He’ll also be playing at the Ames Center in Burnsville on May 2nd!

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