Living in Minnesota, we all know how it is to want to wear cute clothes, or clothes for where you are going- inside, but dress for the OUTSIDE!!!

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If you are standing outside for any amount of time and it's 40 below, things are not going to be great.  There is a strong possibility of getting frostbite.  Now if you are standing outside and it's 40 below and you have a MINI SKIRT on... with only tights for protection... there is even a guaranteed chance you will get frostbitten.

This is the hard lesson a woman in Astana, Kazakhstan found out the hard way.  She had tights on with a mini skirt and thought that was enough protection.  Nope.  The doctors that treated her released a photo as a warning.


You can check out the whole story here.  

Moral of the story- dress for the weather.