Jenna started singing The Facts Of Life theme song in the hallway today, and it started a discussion on what our favorite TV theme songs were. Some of those that earned Honorable Mention included Friends, Miami Vice, Hill Street Blues, Alf and Barney Miller. Here are my Top 5. Feel free to send us your list.

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    Happy Days

    The original theme song was Bill Haley and the Comets with a new recording of "Rock Around The Clock."   In season 3, it was switched to "Happy Days" by Pratt & McClain.  The show was set in Milwuakee and frequently showed the Cunningham household.  If you think back to exterior shots of the home, which is really in Los Angeles, you may remember the garage was on the right side looking at it from the road.  In the show, it was out the kitchen door leading up to Fonzie's apartment which was on the left!

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    Greatest American Hero

    Yes, the series was campy, but I absolutely loved it! Of course, Connie Seleca may have had something to do with that. The theme was sung by Joey Scarbury and it peaked at #2 in 1981. Stephen J. Cannel said the he came up with the image on Ralph's suit from a pair of scissors laying on his desk.

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    Hogan's Heroes

    Tell me you don't do the "mouth guitar" to the theme of Hogan's Heroes! The theme music is called "Hogan's Heroes March". There are some lyrics. You can find them on an album titled "Hogan's Heroes Sing The Best of World War II". All the main German officers... Klink, Schultz, Burkhalter and Hochstetter were played by men who were all Jewish. I always wanted a tunnel under a doghouse as a kid, but my mother hid all the shovels after my first digging attempt.

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    The Benny Hill Show

    Yakety Sax is the name of the song most associated with The Benny Hill Show. Hill, whose first name is Alfred, took the name Benny in honor of his favorite comedian Jack Benny. I'll fondly remember the show for the "Hills Angels" he was always fondling, the bald man named Jackie Wright who Hill would tap on the head, and the chase scenes to close out the show.

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    The Muppet Show

    And my #1 Greatest TV Theme of all time is "The Muppet Show." If this doesn't make you long for the good old days, nothing will! When the latest Muppet movie came out, I was there on opening night. It reminded me of being at my grandmother's house on a Saturday night watching the show. Who was the guest star in the very first episode? It was supposed to be Ruth Buzzy, but due to issues with her schedule, she was replaced by Juliet Prowse.