MORRISON COUNTY - There are more reports of damage in Morrison County after a tornado ripped through the area on Wednesday night.

The Morrison County Sheriff's Office says they received calls of storm damage at Laurie's Lakeside Resort just after 11:00 p.m.

Large trees were torn down, a camper was flipped on its side and homes were damaged off Fish Lake Drive on the north side of Green Prairie Fish Lake. The path of the storm moved east-northeast from 100th Avenue, continued through Camp Ripley and ended a quarter to a half-mile north of 223rd Street on 165th Avenue.

The storm impacted the townships of Darling, Green Prairie and Ripley.

The National Weather Service says the storm intensified quickly and produced an EF1 tornado. An EF1 is capable of producing winds between 86 to 110 miles per hour.

Morrison County Sheriff Shawn Larsen says his office never heard a tornado warning. Witnesses say the storm developed quickly and was fast moving. There were no reports of any deaths or serious injuries.

Larsen says they're starting to wrap up damage assessment today (Friday).

"The most significant storm damage occurred at Camp Ripley. That consisted of collapsed roofs, fallen trees and debris. They also had some damaged vehicles."

The Sheriff's Office Emergency Management team has been working with the National Weather Service and Camp Ripley in assessing the damage.

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