If you live in Minnesota, some things are taken for granted  Like you don't appreciate the things that are day to day in your own living as opposed to people who live elsewhere.  This is probably true anywhere you live, like warm weather, or great skiing or whatever you are into.  Every state seems to have their own claim to fame.

Here in Minnesota, we have some things that are only here...and these are 5 of those things:


To be honest, I have never understood why people travel from other areas just to see the mall. It's a mall.  Yes, it's huge and there is an amusement park, mini golf, an aquarium and a lot of events that happen within the mall, but to be considered a "tourist attraction" to me seems odd.  But people do come from all over the world just to make a stop at Minnesota's Mall of America.

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The BWCA attracts people from all over the country.  There is actually a million acres of forest, rivers and water ways to explore.  According to CBS: 

Encompassing a large part of the Superior National Forest, the BWCA is the most frequently visited wilderness area in the country.


Yes, people actually travel from all over to see this thing.  Silly.  But it is here in Minnesota... in Darwin if you want to go and check it out.


This is one of the only places where you can access another country from the states by way of water.

Frequently traveled to by boat to avoid going through customs twice, the Northwest Angle is also the northern-most part of the contiguous United States. Fishing and other lake activities are popular on the Angle.

There are a couple of other places that this happens as well...Including Port Roberts, Washington; Estcourt Station, Maine; and a few points in Alaska.  So this one isn't just exclusive to Minnesota, but it is the one that used for the Lake of the Woods portage through Minnesota.


Because Minnesota is the "State of Hockey" we have a National Hall of Fame.  It's located in Eveleth.  The reason it's in the "middle of nowhere" is because a huge number of hockey players are from Minnesota, and the biggest amount usually come from Northern Minnesota.

With a population of right around 4,000, Eveleth has also turned out some great hockey players and frequently leads the state in high school hockey talent. 

Time to explore more of what Minnesota has to offer... and can be "bucket list" items right here in our great state.

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