In 2018 all of the Toys R Us free standing stores closed.  The only places that you could get any of those toys were online, that of course remained, and also a few years ago they were added to Macy's toy department.  That has grown over the last year or so to be a fairly large area in the Macy's at Crossroads in St. Cloud.

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Now, if you have been to the Mall of America, they have a whole storefront that says "Coming Soon" with the Toys R Us logo.  That gives the impression that it will be a store soley for the toy brand.  In other words, it looks like you will be able to go and shop for toys exclusively at one store.

I do remember in Crossroads there was a KB Toy store as well as the Toys R Us store that was were the Subaru car lot is now located in St Cloud.  It was fun, as a kid, to go and look for toys and let your parents know what you wanted for your birthday or Christmas instead of showing them online or in pictures like you have to do now. There was something magical about walking into a toy store and that's all that was there was an abundance of toys.  There are still toys stores, of course, but mostly it's a toy department within another store that sells other merchandise.

As far as the time frame goes, there is no date that has been announced as of now, but it would be great if it was open for Christmas... this year.  The Mall of America has not returned the inquiry.

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