Sadly, another person has died in Minnesota in an accident on the ice. You have probably heard that Richard “Dickie” Gadbois died on Friday when the truck he was driving went through the ice in Mille Lacs.  

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“Dickie” as he was known to most everyone was the owner of “Dickies on Mille Lacs” boat charter company.  

As the news spread over the weekend, tributes to Dickie poured onto the Facebook page for the Charter Boat Company. Some people shared photos of them with Dickie on his boat with a fish they caught during their trip. 

Many others offered prayers for his family and friends. Others shared their favorite memories of Dickie and Ice Fishing. Some reflected back to their childhood and how their dad or granddad introduced them to Dickie and how they in turn had done the same with their children.  

It’s easy to tell that Dickie made an impact on people through his business and was a beloved member of the community. The knowledge he had and his willingness to share it had a lasting impact and is still being passed down from parents to their children and will continue through more generations.  

Dickie was described as a character from a book, and a true legend of the area. From one sentiment to another, they all had the same “ring” to them of Dickies not only love of Ice Fishing, but people in general.  

One person even commented that Dickie knew so much more than Ice Fishing and that his garden and especially his tomato plants would never be the same. 

The staff at Dickies posted on their Facebook Page that they were going to keep the business open and would update later in the week on ice conditions. They also posted their thanks for the outpouring of love and support during what is most certainly a very difficult time.  

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