Apparently this has been proven.  If you are having trouble sleeping, and you have a little dog, grab that little will probably sleep better.  That is, if you are a woman.

group of five dogs
Zoonar/Erik Lam/Thinkstock

The same study that showed that dogs are great companions, also showed that cats did not provide the same restful sleep results.

We have always had little dogs.. like I'm talking 10-12 pounds or less.  And they sleep on their own pillow at the head of the bed.  Sleeping quietly in a ball.  It's actually very cute.  When we were growing up, we had a cat that would sleep at the foot of the bed and just became a big ol' brick.  But maybe that was just my experience.

Either way, I'm all about this deal... that is, as long as your pet is trained.  Like potty trained.  After that point (like after at least a year) go ahead and let them sleep with you. You might just get a better night's sleep and who doesn't want that?

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