This has been one of those legends that have been going around for years.  Is it true?  Maybe.  Some people absolutely believe it's the truth and others are just not sure... like 50% sure.  I think why not?

Was the song by the Rolling Stones "You Can't Always Get What You Want" inspired by this encounter?

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Here's the story...

The Stones performed in Excelsior on their first US tour in 1964, and were not well received. According to Excelsior lore, Mick Jagger went into a local drugstore to get a Cherry Coke. Back then a cherry coke was a coke with real cherries in it, and drug store soda fountains were the place you usually found them. The store didn't have cherry cokes and Mr. Jimmy, standing in line behind Jagger, commented, "Well, you can't always get what you want."

The other side of that coin could be that Mr. Jimmy was actually Jimmy Miller who was the Stone's producer at the time.  I think it's more fun to think that Mr. Jimmy was the local legend from Excelsior.  Mr. Jimmy was at the next show that the Stone's had in Minneapolis, and the legend says that Mick sent a limo to pick him up.  That part is unclear.  It seems more likely that someone else arranged the limo so Mr. Jimmy could go.

This story is much like the St. Cloud story that says that Motley Crue played at Acacia Fraternity in 1988.  I can tell you that story is completely false.  But it has grown into an Urban Legend... still not true. Bummer, I know... but it did not happen.  Motley Crue's song "Wild Side" doesn't mention St. Cloud State either.  But many local people think that it does.  Sorry to crush those dreams too.  But it's fun to think these things are true, even though they aren't.

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