We bring up a variety of different topics on our morning show. Some get responses, some don't. But when we asked you "Do you and your spouse track each other?" Holy crap! That ignited a bonfire of opinions and a big majority of you said NO!

The number one reason you said was TRUST.

Never even crossed my mind. If you don't trust each other then you should not be together.


Heck no! If you can't trust your spouse then why are you even married?!


No. There isn't much time in a day where we don't know where each other is. If there isn't trust then a tracker isn't going to solve the problem. I guess for some safety might be a good reason.


We trust each other, why would we need to bother with that


That's not just unhealthy...
That's psychotic.


If trust, or lack there of, is the reason for tracking each other, then no, it's not a good idea. But if you and your partner really trust each other...then why does it matter if you always know where the other one is?

My husband said he would only track me if I work nights because I work for Lyft just make sure I'm safe


My daughter and her spouse just downloaded an app last week for it. She was approached by a strange man that was stalking her. They thought it was a good idea to get the app for piece of mind. I on the other hand prefer not to be alerted that my husband is at the parts store or liquor store.


Yes and children too


We don't. But our youngest daughter and her husband does. Only for when we was going thru chemo in Rochester she could see if he was having issues on the road coming home


My wife and I trust each other as well, but we have trackers for our safety. I'm often out in the wilderness (literally) and she is often in houses with strangers (she's a realtor). This helps us keep track if the other one is somewhere unexpected or runs into trouble.


Just like a few of you said, I saw this as more of a safety issue. Not a trust issue. I have nothing to hide from my wife. There is no shady things going on that I don't want her to know. I don't care if she knows where I'm at. I also know...because I trust my wife...that she's not going to be suddenly on her phone, checking up on me constantly. Believe, she has way better, and more productive things to do that that.

My wife and I don't having a tracking app but would not have a problem with it. I would feel safer knowing that if, by some rare chance, something happens to me. She, at least, has a little more knowledge about what might have happened or where I might be at.

In the end, relationships are supposed to be an open book. In a good relationship you'll have transparency and honesty with everything...thoughts, money, feelings, etc.

I'll end with this. Someone mentioned to me about the whole "monitoring" aspect of an app tracker. But here's the thing. We're being monitored everyday by corporations, the government, our employers...and there's camera's everywhere.

And just about everyone has smart phones, smart speakers and TV's with microphones and camera's in their house.  And most people know, or should know, that "everyone" could be watching anywhere at anytime. So I find it strange that there's a problem when the most important person in our lives knows where we might be at.

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