Have you heard of the Lemon Face Challenge?  It's a take off of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  By the way- that raised over $115 million towards the fight against ALS.

Now that was super successful.  Hopefully this one does some good too.  Here is what the deal is... you bite into a lemon wedge, not a slice, a wedge and record your reaction to it.

Ok-here's the real one that actually worked.... I got Choad roped into trying it this time.

Well, he took that one in stride.  And yes, I do realize it is called the Lemon FACE Challenge... but you get the idea.  What is all of this for?  This time the cause is Aubreigh's Army.  This is an organization that fights a form of terminal brain cancer.  If you click on the link above, you will also see some of the other people that have tried this as well... although they didn't do it as well as Choad did.

Try it.. and remember to donate.

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