I frequent St Joe a lot... I used to more than I do now, but I do still hang out there quite a bit.  So when there was a new restaurant coming to town, I was intrigued.

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw

Krewe.  That is a new restaurant that is included right near the La Playette,, which has been there for what seems like forever. And is considered a part of the "food block" in St Joseph.  Not only is it near the La Playette, it's also near Bo Diddley's sandwich shop, Bad Habit Brewery, Bello Cucina, Gary's Pizza and Slice pizza.

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw

There is also a new bakery.  It's Flour and Flower.

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw

The owners of the two new restaurants have been together, working together and basically joined at the hip for years.  This is the first time that they aren't together, but they are just about 50 feet apart.  KARE 11 did a story on them and how they are trying to bring some awareness to racial equity through good food.

Krewe's menu is focused on things from the "Big Easy"- New Orleans with some other things sprinkled in.  Owner, Mateo Mackbee's mother is from New Orleans, so that is the inspiration.  

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The bakery, owned by Erin Lucas is right next to Krewe, and has some great looking things featured on their Facebook page, and I can not wait to try almost everything in both the restaurant and the bakery.  Yummy!!!

Take the short drive to St. Joe and check out these new places to eat and enjoy.

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