Wow, time flies.   Today marks 2 years that the planet has been without the presence of Tom Petty. He was a superstar, yet as humble as they come. His show were just great music. No flares, pyrotechnics, laser lights or fancy lights, just Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers playing some great rock.

It was one of those deaths that caught us completely by surprise.  Keith Richards, Pete Townsend and a number of others wouldn't have come as such a shock. But Tom Petty?  Way too young and he just was one of those artists you expected to be around forever.


Bernie Leadon, formerly of the Eagles, said in a book he wrote that he was on tour in Europe and was looking at the Billboard charts and saw the name Tom Petty. He wondered, is that the same Tom Petty I gave guitar lessons to in Ocala, Florida?  Yes Bernie, it was one in the same.

At least Tom left us with a pretty great collection of music. Thank you, Tom!

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