There's some trouble brewing for Uber! They covered up a major data breach that affected 57 million users, and it was recently found out about.

In early 2017, Uber came to St. Cloud, shortly after Lyft made their introduction here. Thankfully they weren't in this area in 2016 as there was a major data breach that affected most of their users.

Uber recently announced this data breach in a press release on their website. In a nutshell, their system was accessed by individuals outside the company last year. According to Bloomberg, Uber found out about it and paid off the hackers, along with making them sign a non-disclosure, to keep it quiet from the public.

The names, emails, and cell numbers of Uber users were breached. Over half a million drivers had their name and driver's license numbers breached as well. Uber's security analysts have said that they don't see any indication that trip history, credit card information, or social security numbers were downloaded.

Although the breach of user information isn't going to do much damage to those user's identity, they are focusing on possible identity theft concerns for drivers, since their driver's license numbers were downloaded.

Uber has a link on their website that drivers can click to see if their information was included in the downloaded data.

Even if you live in the St. Cloud area, but still had the app installed and provided your information prior to 2017, you may have had your information breached. Many St. Cloud area residents have used the app when visiting the Twin Cities, which Uber has been available in for a few years now.

As for the legality of Uber's cover up? According to the New York Times, the New York Attorney General's office is opening an investigation into the breach and conduct of Uber.

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