You don't hear of them very often in this part of the country, but apparently Central Minnesota has encountered an inordinate share of UFO visits in the past ten years. The latest, a witness-generated report to the user-content fueled website; The Mutual UFO Network, describes a hovering square object, that was dark, mechanical and reminiscent of a 'Transformer' that hovered for about 4 minutes over some trees on County Road 8. The report, detailing the daytime incident from November 14th, was submitted to the website on November 29th.

It's important to note that the Blue Angels were scheduled to arrive that day, and landed at approximately 4:02pm at the St. Cloud Airport for a meeting about next year's airshow. The witness makes note of this in the report, in fact, citing the arrival of the Naval flight team as the reason for scanning the skies, and claims the sighting came "around 4:30". You'll see in the map below, that driving north on County Road 8 (towards St. Cloud) gives you a full view of anything moving over or near the St. Cloud Regional Airport.

The MUFON report was entered two weeks from the date of the sighting, so is it possible there was a mix-up in the time? Unfortunately, the MUFON website does not reveal the names of the reporters, so there's no way of either verifying or interviewing the witnesses.

Another UFO self-reporting website, The Nation UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) shows another report originating in Duluth from the following day (November 15th) with a startling similarity;

Two square-shaped objects with flashing lights and no sound hovered above Duluth for a minute and slowly moved south. As I walked outside at 19:20, I noticed two objects above Duluth in the south sky, unmoving. Both had four flashing lights on them in a square-shape. They only stayed about a minute after I noticed them, and began to move toward Superior, WI. They made no noise as a helicopter would when they left.

According to the MUFON website, which shows 50 reports for MN just this year, this isn't the first time an unidentified flying object has been spotted in our area. Back on February 22nd a witness report from Cold Spring at around 6:40pm says:

"Drove underneath two craft that looked like triangles and they made no sound."

Perusing thru some of the MUFON 'reports' and accompanying photos, it's obvious there are a few crackpots, jokers (like this submitted photo from Lake Crystal) and just plain naive folks who have no clue about the effects of flash on rain drops or bugs. But many of them seem like just regular legit people who have seen something they can't explain.

Another reporting website which boasts nearly 60k sightings from all over the world, details 13 sightings for just St. Cloud since 1971, with the last report on May of 2010.

In light of this most recent report, I'm curious if you have ever had any UFO encounters? Or maybe you can confirm any of the reports submitted to either website? Please comment below and share with your friends, maybe they can corroborate one of these sightings!

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