As everyone has been talking about how much we want actual Spring weather, we would like the snow to be gone, and we would also like to be able to sit outside without freezing our preverbal butts off, we might have a bumper crop of mosquitoes this year.

That's the thing about Minnesota.  We have winter, and all of the things that come with that, and completely outstays it's welcome. Then we have the other season... road construction and bugs.  There is generally a small window where we have pleasant weather and no bugs.  This year, that window might not be as long as some of us might like it to be.

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According to the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District, this year could bring mosquitoes out "with a vengeance".   The prediction is to have more than usual precipitation, after two years of a drought.  The mosquito infestation might be delayed a bit, but when they do hatch, there will probably be a lot of them

Invest in some bug spray and yard fogger.

The other issue will be the ticks.  They are less inhibited than mosquitoes by the snow and cold. With that in mind, it's best to either stay away from wooded areas where ticks usually hang out. but if you do need to be in any of those areas, make sure that you protect yourself with repellant and wear light colored clothing.

There are repellants that are more environmentally friendly than others.  There are some repellants that you can sprinkle around your yard to try and stave off any sort of infestation.  If you have pets that will be in the yard try and keep them either away from that area, or get some that is not harmful to pets. You can also hire professionals to combat mosquitos and ticks. Those services usually use a solution that isn't harmful to pets.  But generally you want to keep  your pets away from those areas.

Buggy or not, it's better than the snow and cold at this point.  Every season brings with it something that people will complain about... Minnesota.  We just deal with it.

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