The internet is full of unpopular opinions. The website Reddit has a whole area devoted to unpopular opinions, and recently a friend of mine who works in Wyoming shared one of those unpopular opinions out of frustration with the current job market. What was that unpopular opinion? People should be paid to interview for jobs.

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Here is what the Redditor had to say about being paid for interviews.


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So, I've been job hunting for three months now, and it's been really hard on me. So, far I've had four interviews, and since I live with my parents I don't have any expenses, I shouldn't be complaining, but I am. Interviews take a long time to prepare, every single one of those interviews I had to shave and really prepare myself mentally. Like getting prepared dress wise for an interview can just be exhausting task, and a lot of times that labor isn't even recognized. Out of four of the interviews I got rejected from two of them and the other two are pending.

Also, since the company is taking soo much of your time for an interview, as preparation and if any of you have read some of the stories from r/recruitinghell, you would know it's not easy to to get a job and some of those stories are just downright frightening. Also getting to the interview stage is itself an accomplishment, as there are soo many ghosting and rejections. I've applied to nearly 50 jobs and I still am unemployed. It would be nice if I were to get financial recompensation for interviewing as in that's the whole purpose of getting a job. In some cases the money spent on the interview such as attire and transportation would still surpass the payment from the interview as some people would spend probably over $100 just for a suit and tie and maybe another $50 for transportation, meaning a $50 check would still be better than nothing. For those people saying "it's my job to present myself as best as possible, and it's not the job for the company to care" the company can reject whom ever they want before the interview, just based on the resume and the cover letter and that's happened to me soo many times.

Additionally some interviewers don't represent the company well, the last one just gave me a tour and didn't ask qualitative questions if the interviewee was getting paid they would have take that time more seriously. Now to be fair some interviewers are fair, but they're just HR representatives that know jack $#!+ about the position. In my humble opinion it would be more practical to make the boss better at interviewing than make HR representatives be more knowledgeable of how to recruit people for positions that they know nothing about. Sorry about that tangent. Out of all four of the interviews I actually only had one interview where the people knew how to interview and they knew what the job entailed and I got rejected from this job.

Long story short, I'd feel a bit more respected and valued if I were to get paid. We unfortunately live in a society where the corporations and the owner class can do whatever they want, with the addition of the culture and the media being submissive to that. I mean if I can't get the job, I should at least be recognized for the effort that I made for getting to the job, as in I every single time I get rejected while having been in an interview it's an awful kind of feeling. I also would like to be getting some form of money for my troubles.

OK at first it sounds ludacris, but with all the job openings that everyone has, maybe that is what it would take to get some people off the sidelines and back into the job market.

(Personally speaking, I wouldn't want to pay people for interviews, people would complain about it not being enough, or that it's being taxed etc.)

If you have open positions and have been patiently waiting to fill those positions, what would you do to get more qualified candidates to interview?

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