As usual, Adam stopped by the Loon studio this morning to fill us in on all the releases and what's great to see this weekend at Parkwood Theaters.

First off, we have "Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom". Another installment in the dinosaur franchise. There seems to be big money in these sequels, so I've started writing my own in hopes of selling it to the studio. What do you think, "Jurassic Rodeo". All about a bunch of renegade cowboys hopped up on steroids riding and roping these prehistoric creatures. Those that fall are eaten by the dinosaur. This is just a rough draft so far.

Of course, " Incredibles 2" is still killing it at the box office. Biggest selling animated movie ever. A good one to take the kids to.

I think I'd opt for "Tag". It sounds kind of stupid but the trailer looks great. A group of childhood friends have a 30 year game of tag going. It looks pretty funny.

Check out the video.  I'm sure Up and Slightly Adam can explain it better than I can.

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