ST. CLOUD -- St. Cloud Police have surveillance video of missing man, 21-year-old Jesse Dady walking across the railroad bridge over the Mississippi River early Saturday morning.

Assistant Police Chief Jeff Oxton says the surveillance video shows Dady walking east on the bridge deck out over the water. Since it was dark and the quality of the video is poor, Dady can only be seen walking about 1/3 of the way across the bridge. Oxton says there is some indicators that Dady may have fallen from the bridge.

Police are reminding residents the railroad bridge is not for pedestrian use, it doesn't have rails and is dangerous to walk to on.

For two days crews have been searching the Mississippi River but so far they have not found Dady's body or other information on his whereabouts.

Police now say the car spotted on surveillance footage near where Dady was last seen is likely not involved with Dady's disappearance. Authorities believe the driver most likely won't have any relevant information since video of Dady crossing the bridge has been found. Oxton say the driver of the silver car has contacted the St. Cloud Police Department and has been identified.  Based on the video, and the information learned from the driver police say that his presence at the location in question was completely unrelated to this investigation.  No further information regarding that vehicle is needed.

No water search is taking place Wednesday. The Stearns County Sheriff's Department might resume the water search Thursday. Officers will again be searching the river in the coming days as needed.

Dady was last seen early Saturday morning along 5th Avenue North in downtown St. Cloud. A bloodhound tracked Dady’s scent to the riverbank.

St. Cloud Police Department
St. Cloud Police Department

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