There is a house listed for sale in Southeast St. Cloud.  This house seems to be priced very well, .even competitively.

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I am familiar with this house, as it has been in this location for quite awhile.  I knew the family who owned it... not necessarily originally, but did own it late 90s, early 2000s.  It was a single family home, and I can tell you that it has been significantly updated.  The outside has been resided, and the inside completely remodeled.

In short, this house is gorgeous.

The home was originally a single family home, as stated above, but then, from the information I have received, was converted to student housing... off campus housing.  Now, looks to be sold once again as a single family home.  And with all of the upgrades and additions that have obviously been done, it's really a steal at the ReMax Realty list price of $375K.

Here is the thing... anywhere else this would probably be listed at a lot more than what it is being listed for in this location.  The issue isn't the house, the age of the house, the amenities, or anything like that.  It even has a great back yard.  The issue with this beautiful home is it's location. So, the price is reflecting that situation.

This, in my opinion, might be a tough sell for a family.  It is located on 4th Street S.  It is directly adjacent to Acacia Fraternity, and across from Benton and Stearns Hall dormitory at St Cloud State University.

Now, if you are a student at SCSU, and you are living with your family, you could not get a better location.  You are almost right on campus.  Save a ton of money just living at home.

Anyone who purchases this home will have to realize what they are getting themselves into.  A beautiful home with some questionable surroundings.  Maybe build a fence.

You can check out the full listing here.



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