Since Costco announced that they are cracking down on non-members shopping at their warehouse, it seemed like a good idea to find out how people who are not members of Costco can still take advantage of the discounts that they offer without actually buying a membership.

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There are actually a few ways that a person can do that... even though some could be a temporary fix.


Costco is always looking for new members and so of course they would like non members to be able to check out the store.  So, the gift card is a great way to do that.  All that happens is that a member will purchase a gift card, and give it as a gift... or give it to a friend and the friend actually buys it from the member.  Whatever works.  It's a way to shop without buying a membership.  Although you are limited to whatever dollar amount the gift card has on it.


A current member of Costco has the option to bring in a friend or two.  And the non member can pick out things that they would like to buy - but the kicker is that the member will have to make the purchases at checkout.  A non member cannot make the purchases themselves.  That's why Venmo is helpful.


Here's a loophole.  A non Costco member can shop online without a membership.

Non-members are able to buy items on and through Instacart, where about 2,000 fresh, frozen, grocery, and household items are available for same-day or standard delivery.


A non Costco member can shop at the liquor store, which is in the same building, but separate from the main warehouse.  Anyone can shop there and take advantage of the lower prices.  The only thing is that not all Costco employees may be aware.  You may have to ask for a manager.  When you make a purchase as a member they will scan your card.  If you are a non-member, they have a "ghost card" they can scan instead.

The pharmacy is the same type of deal.  When you enter the warehouse, they will ask to see your membership. Just let them know you are heading to the pharmacy.  You can make the purchase at the pharmacy.  Done and done.

To be honest, these are all suggestions on how to shop at Costco without a membership, but it's probably easier to just pay the $60 and get your own membership. They discounts you will be getting will offset the membership cost and then some.

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