I seem to be having more WTF moments than usual lately. Some of the warning labels and new rules put in place make me have to believe that enough of this stuff is happening that a rule or warning sign must be implemented.

The latest takes place in Utah. The agency that is in charge of certifying and disciplining police officers is putting together new disciplinary guidelines for cops that take part in "sexting" and masturbating while on duty.

How did this become a problem? Well it seems some, very few they say, have been while on duty sexting confidential informants and making inappropriate comments. The committee  also brought up the subject of officers pleasuring themselves out of sight in  patrol cars.


Gee, I get bored at work sometimes but I'm pretty sure there would be a problem with doing that here at work. I really don't think we need to make it an official rule.

According to Utah Police Officers Training (POST) Council, currently there is no rule against this behavior but it will be addressed at the next POST meeting in September. So, until then.........

Cop: Put your hands up!

Crook: You first!



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