You see it everywhere. Kids vaping and blowing huge clouds of whatever. What started out as something that seemed somewhat harmless, has turned into a national health crisis among teens nationwide.

Besides the nicotine, sometimes vaping liquids can contain heavy metals like nickel, lead and tin. Teens are buying e-liquids that taste like cookies and cream, cotton candy, gummy bears and peanut butter cups, just to name a few.


Just this month, 8 teens have been admitted to Wisconsin hospitals with serious lung damage thought to be from vaping. Some of the symptoms were fatigue, coughing, shortness of breath while some also showed signs of inflammation and swelling in both lungs.

This is turning into a big problem with both middle school and high school teens. There is even the danger of these things exploding.

Doctors say that even if those suffering the effects improve, doctors do not know what the long term damage could be.


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