Well, it seems to be the going thing.  Now that it's legal, a lot of people are jumping on the THC wagon.  What does that mean?

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Let me tell you...

Minnesota now has it's first restaurant called Hi Flora located in Minneapolis, that serves vegan foods, has a full bar, but only serves mocktails, and you do have the option to add some THC to any of your foods or drinks.  It's up to you to add, and it's up to you to decide how much.  It's almost like you are your own bartender; only with food too.

I feel like in this day and age when there are so many options for getting the THC that your want...or in some cases need... why would you smoke it?

Edibles.  That's the way to go. Or, in this case, a dropper with a water soluable THC liquid.

How it's done: Under current regulations, edible products can only be sold in a prepackaged, childproof container — meaning cannabis can't be baked into the dishes served to dine-in customers. The law does not apply to beverages.

What do you actually do???  According to Axios, here is what one person's exprience was:

The tincture, which costs $10 and comes in a three-ounce bottle with a dropper, is blended with beet, juniper, and several other herbs.

Here is the deal, however, if you have any kind of exprience with edibles, you will most likely be able to finish your entire meal before any sort of affect will be felt.  Edibles, in general, take about an hour to kick in.  So, if you are concerned about what will happen, you can plan to be at home before that happens, depending on what you order and how long it takes to get the meal, eat it, and head on out.  Just make sure you have a driver or call in UBER or Lyft.  Just like if you had been drinking.  Same rules apply.


Hi Flora has been open since July, and the reviews have been positive.  Check them out on Instagram.  

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