Have you always had dreams of owning a restaurant?  Wouldn't it be easier to buy something that was already established and successful and you could just hit the ground running?

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That opportunity is here!

Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge is for sale for the price of a cool 6 million dollars.  If you aren't familiar with Psycho Suzi's it's located dat 1900 and 1924 Marshall Street in NE Minneapolis.  Psycho Suzi's is known for wild and fun atmosphere.  They are a nationally known tiki bar and pizza joint according to their website.

It's the kind of place where the servers will sit down with you at your table, chat and take your order.  Very casual and fun atmosphere located on the waterfront with multiple bars and levels.

We (probably) have the country’s largest collection of leopard furnishings and (definitely) have the most awesome fake wood carpeting in North America, plus we have the most breathtaking industrial river views from our waterfront decks.  With two levels and multiple bars, Psycho Suzi’s magic and mystery awaits.

Hopefully, whoever decides to buy the restaurant/bar will be able to keep the same feel that patrons love about Psycho Suzi's.

The listing describes the amenities of the building that the restaurant is in:

The building has an amazing state of the art commercial kitchen with double cooking lines, and four pizza ovens. There are several walk-in coolers and one large walk-in freezer. This commercial kitchen and food distribution system is perfectly designed to accommodate a busy bar & restaurant while also supporting event groups at the same time.

When checking out the listing online, you can also take a virtual tour.

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