Moving around the Midwest can be challenging when you don't know how to pronounce some of the town names in the area.  It's a little embarrassing when you are around people who are from the area, like born and raised there and they look at you like "how can you not know how to pronounce this"?  But, sometimes it can be difficult.  There are a lot of Native American names in certain areas like Wisconsin, but once you know, you don't have an issue, but initially, it's difficult.


I remember watching an episode of "90210" back in the 90s and the main family was supposed to be from Minnesota.  There was a scene in an arcade and two of the characters were going to play some game and one of them said that she was the former "Wayzata" champion.  She pronounced it "Why-ZA-ta".  We, from Minnesota all know that's incorrect.  Right away I'm thinking "do some research". It's pronounced "Why-zet-ah".

I found this video.  And that is one of the names that is on the list, because yes, it's tough.  The first one up is New Prague.  Now, we know it's New "Pr-aye-g".  But the country with the same name isn't pronounced that way, so I can see how that could get confused.  Faribault is another one, and let's be honest, I have heard plenty of people living here in Minnesota mispronouncing that one.  It's "bow" not "bault".

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Watch and see how some of the other towns are mis-pronounced.  It is actually pretty funny.  But maybe only to us here in this lovely state of Minnesota.  But before you laugh, try and pronounce some other towns in neighboring states.  It can be just as tough, you may get some snickers in your direction.

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