It's hard to think about watching a Vikings game at 8:30am on Sunday. It's because they're playing in the U.K. overseas. Here's the reason why the NFL plays over there.

A few times a year the NFL sends a couple teams overseas to play a regular season game. Why? They are hoping to expand the NFL franchise to other countries!

SBNation explains it in full detail, but basically the NFL doesn't want to stay the same size they are now and see tons of potential being more global.

Games started being played in London since 2007, ever since the NFL got the idea of wanting to expand overseas. They hope the exposure and hype gains interest in other countries to see how big it is over here in the United States.

They've sent some of the less competitive teams over there to play each year, including the Jacksonville Jaguars more than any other team, primarily due to their losing seasons. Funny enough, Jacksonville has the most overseas fans now...because they play in London so often!

It isn't just London where the NFL has interest in expanding. They've also had Mexico City host in the past, and will have a week 11 game with the Patriots & Raiders there this year. They're also looking into China and Germany to host some games in the next couple years.

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