The Vikings beat the Redskins 19-9 on Thursday night. We saw the return of Adrian Peterson and witnessed him moving to 6th on the all time rushing list. We also Case Keenum return to The Bank.

The Vikings did win and beat a team they should have beat but it wasn't pretty. It was just way to close than it should have been. They only scored one touchdown and had to rely on Dan Bailey field goals way to much.

The game never felt as comfortable as it should have felt in a game where the Vikings were favored by 16. Just imagine how much worse this could have been if Case Keenum would have been in the whole time. Cousins was good, efficient but he didn't make The Good, The Bad and The Ugly list for week 8.


COOK! COOK! COOK!: Seriously, this guy is so fun to watch. Runs well, catches well, makes big plays. Which leads to the next thing...

The Run Blocking: As far as the two aspects of blocking goes, that's their better half. They opened holes for Cook.

Screen Passes: It was working really well for them all night and most of it involved Cook.

Defensive Line: Two forced fumbles, good pressure and stops when they needed it early in the red zone.

Stefon Diggs: He makes The Good and The Bad list qgqin. He makes big catches in big situations. But he also makes me hold my breathe every time the ball his thrown to him, waiting to see if he'll fumble or let it slip or bounce off his hands.


Diggs Fumbling Issues: It's defiantly a problem. Another one tonight makes 4 this year already. You see him wrap both arms on the ball sometimes because he knows he has a problem. Is there an FA meeting he can go to?

Offensive line: Gave up two big sacks in the red zone and the Vikings had to settle for a field goal.

Pass Defense. The run defense made The Good, the pass defense makes The Bad. Coverage has not been good all year. But making this Redskins passing game look as good as it did before Case went out is bad.

Coaching Decisions/Time Management: The Vikings had 43 seconds to go after getting a 1st down with 3 timeouts in the red zone and let the clock run down to 11 seconds by the time they finished the 2nd down play. I'm curious to know what could have been going on in Zimmer's head on that one. Thank goodness Cook scored a touchdown to bail him out. Speaking of Zimmer's head, what was he thinking about when going for it on 4th down in their own territory? They had the lead against a rookie QB. But thankfully... again...he was bailed out. That time it was an interception.


Xavier Rhodes...again. Second week in a row he's made the ugly list. Like I said last week. Opposing teams should throw to whoever he's covering. He had bad coverage on so many plays in the first half I lost count and that pass interference that gave the  Redskins the ball inside the 5 yard line was so bad. Oh and guess what, he got hurt in the game. When the "X" plays bad, expect an injury.

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