Different year -- the same result. And Seattle’s "12th man" was not even required to help the Seahawks. All they needed is what they usually need to beat the Vikings, Russell Wilson.

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The Vikings played the Seahawks, in Seattle, for the third year in a row. They lost not only their third game in a row there, but they’re seventh game, in a row, to the Seahawks. They haven’t beaten Seattle since 2009.

The Vikings dominated Seattle in the first half. They did it by going old school and using their best player on the team, Dalvin Cook. And it wasn’t Cook either. After Cook went down early in the third quarter with a groin injury (not because of a hard hit or anything)
Alexander Madison continued putting up big yardage against the Seahawk defense.

In fact, when you look at the box score (minus the final score), you would have thought the Vikings won this game. They doubled Seattle in time of possession, and they were six of 14 on third downs, Seattle was 0-7. The Vikings had 83 total plays to Seattle's is 52, and they only had two punts compared to Seattle’s five.

But in the end, it was another Vikings loss. A loss that some Vikings saw coming because it's Minnesota sports. And a loss that some fans are blaming on one decision. We'll get into that later in -- The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.


Dalvin Cook: Cook was cooking in the first half. But like we said after last game -- "Give Cook the blocking and the carries, and he will produce, as long as he avoids injuries." -- Well, he didn't avoid the injury part

Young Secondary: Injuries and departures have forced the Vikings to go with a young secondary and they did a surprisingly great job of frustrating Russel Wilson. Consider it as, hopefully, a good sign of the future.

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2nd Half DefenseAgain, it makes the list. This is an ongoing theme from last year. Have a lead -- blow a lead.

First Half Offense: I know, sounds strange. The Vikings had a lead going into the first half, but it wasn't much, and they failed to get more points. Points left on the table should be the theme for any Vikings team.

Dalvin Cook Injury: Cook suffered a groin. The good news is, it doesn't look serious so he shouldn't miss many games if any at all. If he does, it will be another year of Cook missing playing time with an injury. He has yet to go a full season injury-free. Good thing we have a pretty capable backup.


The "Go For It or Kick a Field Goal" Decision: If they get the first down, it's a non-issue. If they stop the Seahawks, it's a non-issue. Neither happened -- and it's an issue.


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