This Sunday, Christmas Eve day, the Minnesota Vikings will be taking on the Detroit Lions.  The Lions are currently leading the division, and it looks like they will actually win the division this year.  The Vikings are trying for one of those coveted Wild Card spots in the playoffs.

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This is a strange situation.  The Lions... yes, the LIONS are set to win the division.  Generally it's a battle between the Vikings and the Packers.  But here we are.  The Vikings are in second place, which isn't an unusual spot for them to be in, it's just odd that the Packers are in 3rd.  To be honest, I'm not too upset with that part.

This Sunday, the Vikings will be wearing all white, and are asking that fans that will be attending the game also wear all white for a Vikings Winter White-Out.  This is to show solidarity.  We are all in one accord to get the Vikings to that Wild Card playoff spot

There are several comments on the Youtube video that are stating that this is where we should be, and we should also get some white helmets just for this game, if it's going to be an annual thing.  Also, someone made the comment that the white out is where out playoff journey begins to get us to the Super Bowl.  Well, that would be nice, wouldn't it? But as Vikings fans, we know how that will probably go.  But there is always that hope.

Anyway, if you are going to the game on Sunday, wear white!  Kickoff is at noon.

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