What is the worst thing a team, with a disappointing record of 2-5, can do to push a fan base over the cliff? Trade a local favorite.

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Rumors of the Minnesota Vikings trading away Minnesota native, and star wide receiver Adam Thielen, have been spreading around the league as a coronavirus spreads around a non-social distance practicing population. The Cleveland Browns have been interested in trading for Thielen, and why wouldn't they? Current Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski knows all about the all-pro wide receiver and what he can do.

The Minnesota Vikings are being smart here. After a deep playoff push just a season ago, they have had their worst start to a season since 2014. That was the year Mike Zimmer took over head coaching duties from Leslie Frazier. If the Vikings were to trade a Minnesota homeboy like Adam Thielen, that would add a massive insult to an already serious injury.

Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks
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So you can put that lighter fluid and matches away. There will not be any jersey burning -- at least for now. If it's one thing everyone knows or should know by now, is that no player is untouchable in the NFL. In fact, in professional sports period. Odell Beckham Jr., Jerry Rice, and Joe Montana are just a handful of players many people thought were untradeable.

On occasion, someone from a team's management has gone on the record saying that "Player A" is not going to be traded, no way, now how. And next thing you know, they're packing their suitcase, heading off to play for someone else. When a team says they are not trading someone, it really means "as of this exact second, we are not trading (insert player) -- but we might trade them in the next second."

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