One of the most fun – albeit, cheesy – periods in recent music history was the glam rock scene. Oh yes, those were the days – perms, leather pants, and full albums filled with nothing but lyrically juvenile songs about girls.

It’s hard for me to take that music seriously, but that’s also why I love it. It was goofy and fun. Very few things were as important in an 80s rock band than having a fearless, flamboyant, memorable front man.


Of course, some of the more legendary ones being David Lee Roth (though I prefer Sammy Hagar when it comes to Van Halen - sorry, not sorry) Axl Rose, Steven Tyler, and Steve Perry. Another name that belongs on that list is Vince Neil – best known as the lead singer of Motley Crue.

I’ll admit, these guys are far from my favorite band, but you gotta respect Vince as a vocalist. The guy has some serious pipes. Luckily for we Minnesotans it just so happens that he’ll be performing at Black Bear Casino (Carlton) on March 29th at 7pm. The show starts at 5 pm and you can snag a ticket online now for $60.

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