I remember being a kid, and the only thing available were vinyl records and cassette tapes.  It was after the time of 8 tracks (never knew anyone with those) and before CDs.  That came around in the mid-80s and I remember asking a friend "what is that?" And he, very matter-of-fact said "that... is a compact disc".

Spencer Platt, Getty Images
Spencer Platt, Getty Images

A few years later, vinyl disappeared.  I thought it was a move in the right direction because vinyl was such a pain in the a**.  And you could take the CDs with you and play them in your car, or on a disc-man or whatever device you had and it would sound as good as the vinyl without all of the pops.  A few years later, everyone was downloading their music.  I actually  had an intern ask how I listen to music if I didn't have some music app.  Uhh... I listen to the radio.

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Now, in recent years, it seems that vinyl is making a comeback.  And it's easier to find a turntable to buy than it is to find a CD player to buy.  A lot of people have some pretty amazing collections of vinyl albums.  And this coming weekend, there is a big vinyl record swap at Capital Tavern in Sauk Rapids Saturday, August 22.

According to their Facebook event, it will be hosted by Cloud City Records.

So, maybe you want to add to your collection, freshen up your collection, or begin your collection.  Whatever the case, check out this vinyl  swap.

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