The world is definitely in a bit of a pickle right now, isn't it? This whole Coronavirus pandemic is really messing up the globe's economy as well as taking a large number of casualties along with it. The situation looks quite bleak.

But honestly, if there's one thing that always gets me through difficult times, it's music. There's a certain healing and inspiring quality about it that is impossible to condense into words. Today dear reader, we're going to be taking a look at some virus themed rock songs that you can jam throughout this ordeal to stick it COVID-19 and prevail. In no particular order, here they are -

Hot Blooded- Foreigner

Cat Scratch Fever- Ted Nugent

You Sound Like You’re Sick- The Ramones

Sick as a Dog- Aerosmith

Somebody Get Me a Doctor- Van Halen

Fear Inoculum - Tool (DREW'S TOP PICK)

Sick Again- Led Zeppelin

Don’t Let Us Get Sick- Warren Zevon

Steamrock Fever- Scorpions

Don’t Fear the Reaper- Blue Oyster Cult

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