Vodka- it's not just for happy hour.  And everything in moderation.  As we all know, anything can be a bad thing if it's used too much, or in the wrong way.  Now vodka can have benefits whether ingested or used in other ways, which is kind of cool.

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How about using it as a disinfectant?  Who would have thought?  Maybe that's the idea in cleaning the bathroom mildew?  That, and you could have a shot or two while you're cleaning.  Win-win!

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And if you think you don't look the freshest, in the morning after DRINKING the vodka, you can use it as a hair and skin enhancer.  See?  Another win!  It naturally will clean and tighten your pores.

Vodka can also reduce the risk of disease.  Which disease you ask?  Well, it could be a number of them.  Basically it can help free blood flow which can help reduce the risk of any cardiac disease.

Want more benefits to vodka. It's not just for happy hour anymore.

Leave behind streaks  - Vodka takes care of that!

No more stink.  Vodka can get rid of unwanted oders

It can also be a jewelry cleaner.

Get rid of weeds!

Keep your fresh cut flowers fresh with vodka and a little sugar.

Clean mildew and/or mold

Goo be gone!  Vodka can clean sticky residue from a sticker or tape

Rust remover.  This might take a few hours, but it will totally help to get rid of rusty bolts and screws.

Want more uses for vodka (other than making a bloody mary?  Check that out here.  

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