WAITE PARK -- After revoking the licenses of two massage parlors over the last few months, the Waite Park city council is now considering the same action on the massage therapists.

Oriental Massage and Q & S Massage both had their license revoked for a year by the city council, after an investigation found illicit sex acts were taking place inside.

Waite Park Police Chief Dave Bentrud says this is protocol for when a massage business has their license revoked.

We license the business and now we are taking action to revoke the individual massage therapist for those individuals licensed within those businesses.

The individual licenses of Oriental Massage Owner Su Feng Jiang and Q & S Massage Owner Juan Shao and employee Xuemei Xing will be considered for revocation.

During Monday's meeting, the council can either do nothing, suspend the license for up to a year or revoke the license. If revoked the license holder may not reapply for five years.

Bentrud says these situations allowed them to take a closer look into their ordinance and make a few changes.

We are looking at making some revisions to it but our ordinance has been in place for a while and has been pretty solid. It's similar to what we saw in other suburban departments down in the Twin Cities.

Bentrud says while this may put a bad light on massage businesses, he knows there are a lot of benefits to massage therapy and there are many therapists doing things the right way and running a respectable business in Waite Park.

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