Love to binge your favorite show on Netflix?  Want to be able to find everything you need for a great "binging" session all in one place?  Soon, WalMart will have Netflix hubs in thousands of locations.

These hubs will include basically everything you need when hanging out for a weekend of binging your favorite series on Netflix, all available at certain WalMart locations.

The Hub promises to bring fans closer to the shows and movies they love. Starting today, Walmart customers will find even more music, apparel, collectibles, games and seasonal items from all their favorite shows and films including “Stranger Things,” “Squid Game,” “The Witcher,” “Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio,” “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” and more. 

One other thing that WalMart will offer is a discounted Netflix streaming gift card.  This way you can have the service without having to add your debit or credit card, at least for awhile.

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Not only will all of the streaming gift cards, apparel, collectibles and other things from your favorite shows be available, but there will also be a "snack kit" or "concession kit".  These kits will include popcorn, candy, and even collectible cups.  Also, it seems that these kits and what is available pertaining to all of the extras will change up depending on what is "trending".

As to which WalMart locations these streaming hubs will be is still to be announced.  So, it could be here is St. Cloud.  The announcement as to which locations will be included will be coming soon.

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