Some excitement at the 2nd Street Walmart yesterday.

Evidently, there was a disagreement in the parking lot of Walmart between two men. One man allegedly was cursing and yelling at a woman in the lot. He then allegedly broke the mirror on her car,

She locked herself and her children in the car and her father followed the man into the Walmart. At some point both men pulled guns out.

There was a short stand off as both men argued about the incident in the Walmart parking lot.

Police arrived and the both men were detained.  No word on any charges against the two men.

This is an example of the negative side of the "conceal and carry' law. Two people can have a disagreement without resorting to pulling out guns,

The store was full of customers and was not evacuated, as far as we know.

Thankfully, no one was hurt


(video and picture from Pam Skaalerud)


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