Walmart is launching next day shipping on orders $35 and over and it's free. Three weeks ago, Amazon announced it would cut it's Prime program's default shipping to one day. The timing of Walmart's announcement is " a mere coincidence" according to Walmart.

According to Walmart CEO, Marc Lore, faster shipping will be a money saver for Walmart with all orders being shipped from a single fulfillment center. Walmart also plans on making future investments in more automation.


It's kind of fun watching billionaires battle it out for market. Amazon Prime has a cost of an annual membership of $119 while Walmart's next day shipping requires no membership fees.

Walmart's next day shipping, which applies to orders $35 or more, is starting today (Tuesday) in Phoenix and Las Vegas. 75% of Walmart customers will have it available to them by the end of the year and the rest of the country soon after.

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