It could happen. "All In Challenge" is being put on by celebrities to raise money to fight hunger during the Coronavirus pandemic. All the money will go to the cause and Kevin Hart isn't the only one participating.

Kevin Hart Honored With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame
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For a mere $10 you get 10 entries and winners are all based on chance. Here are some of the other great prizes you could win;

Justin Bieber will come to your house and sing "One Less Lonely Girl". (I would donate double for him not to come, but that's just me)

You could throw the first pitch at a World Series game

Airfare to Las Vegas to be backstage crew for the Chainsmokers

Private skateboard lessons from Tony Hawk


Now, if you have the big bucks, $50,000 minimum, you could win a game of horse with Magic Johnson or get some batting lessons from A-Rod. Or, Peyton Manning will take you out for a round of golf and then dinner.  Now this one would be a great prize, Eli Manning's 2011 Corvette Convertible he won for being MVP that year. There is a whole lot more to win. Check out the link below;

Good Luck!

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