It's lame joke Friday, which means that Johnny U comes into the studio and gives us his lame jokes.  Today was one of those times when you just look over in disbelief and wonder what you are supposed to say.  This was one of those "wow" moments, and not in a good way.

Johnny U laugh

First one, yes there were two again, was about a very sexual moose. I know, that sounds super bad. It was bad, but not in THAT way.  On the upside, the joke was very short and sweet.  Heavy on the short part.  The second joke was about a wine tasting that has gone wrong. That one was a bit lengthy.  But maybe better than the first joke?

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You can be the judge of that one.  Maybe you'll like both jokes.  No accounting for taste.  Here ya go:

See what I mean?  But maybe he does have a career that he can look forward to after he retires from his "real job".  I mean, someone probably appreciates his lame humor.

Tune in each, or at least most Fridays for Lame Joke Friday.  Johnny comes into the studio each Friday right after Dave Overlund sports at 7:35.  That is, if you dare.  I could ruin your whole day.  Or it could make it if you have the "weird": sense of humor like Johnny obviously does.

Until next week...

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