I always think these things are pretty cool.  I mean, most people have been to the mall of american in Bloomington, but to see it from this angle is different and kind of cool.

via YOUTUBE.com Rally Studios
via YOUTUBE.com Rally Studios

This video is just over 2 minutes long and includes overhead views and some roller bladers cruising through the mall.  It also goes through some of the rides in Nickelodeon Universe and lego land.  These are all things that we are familiar with, but it almost feels like a ride in itself.  I'm a huge fan of IMAX shows and also the Omni Theatre shows.  It's the feeling that you are actually there with the dips, curves, and turns of some sort of aircraft.  This time it's a drone.

The video is called "The Quack Attack is Back" and the roller bladers are basically paying homage to the "Mighty Ducks" movie "D2" from 1994.  The producers- Rally Studios says there could be more videos like this coming.

“Working with the Mall was a collaborative effort that brought together like-minded folks who wanted to try making the seemingly impossible possible. And that’s just what we did,” Christensen said. “After a busy morning of strapping on Rollerblades and chasing rollercoasters with a drone, we are extremely proud of this footage and look forward to future shoots with the Mall of America team.”

Rally Studios also recently produced the video "Right Up Our Alley" which was shot with a drone through Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis.  That video was a bit shorter than this one at 87 seconds. It was viewed all over the world, so they thought they would try this one through MOA.

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Rally Studios also got the attention of James Gunn, who is the producer of the "Guardians of the Galaxy" series.  And mentioned that he would like to work with them for the next movie to be shot in London- "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3".  Now, THAT is super cool!


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