We are now into golf season.  And Johnny U is an avid golfer.  So, for the near future and probably the far (end of summer/beginning of Fall) future, you will be listening to a bunch of golf jokes.  He generally will come into the studio armed with at least two jokes.  Sometimes it's more.  But you can usually count on at least two.

So, here are today's offerings.  Johnny U said, as he always does every Friday, saying that he has some "really good ones today".  Seriously, it's every Friday and never, ok, rarely is this the case.

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Anyway, today his first joke has to do with a drunk driver. Or at least someone who is suspected of being drunk while driving.  The second joke is, of course, a golf joke.  Buy now, I feel like we have heard every golf joke there is... at least those that are ok to put on the air for public consumption.  And here's another one.

So- what did you think?  Funny?  Not funny? He shouldn't quit his day job?  Or should he keep coming into the studio every Friday and giving us his idea of funny jokes?  I will tell you that every so often he does have a joke that borders on the mildly funny side.  It's few and far between, but every so often it does happen.  Maybe next week.

If you'd like to tune in and listen for yourself first hand, he comes into the studio every Friday, unless there's a conflict, around 7:35, right after Dave Overlund sportscast.

Until next week...

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